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Published on October 27, 2008 By DigitusImpudicus In Websites

I'm old enough that I never really got the whole "My Space" thing.  It seemed kind of juvenile to me.  It seemed like the only time it showed up in the news is when some pervert used it to lure some naive teen to run away with them.  Social networking?  Please spare me!  I'm a busy man!  When I want to talk to someone I just do it.  So when our company decided to create Facebook profiles to give us a company presence on Facebook, I looked at it as strictly business.

That is, until some old friends I hadn't spoken to in years found me and I started connecting with people.  It wasn't long before I was catching up and communicating with folks I hadn't spoken to since high school.  Seeing what they were up to, pics of their families, and discussing the old days.  It may sound lame but it was fun.  And it was easy.  I could check in with my account and be done in a few minutes.  I could talk to the whole group, or privately with just a single person.  I could accept their goofy challenges (Not another Star Wars quiz!!) or ignore them.

Within a couple months I was regularly in contact with a number of people I might never have spoken to ever again, if not for Facebook.  Now I wonder: who will pop up next?  Someone I might know who is a friend of a friend of someone in my network? 

At the same time I'm getting dicked around by GE over a crappy little cooling fan that died in my refridgerator, here is a product--a FREE product--that does excatly what it's supposed to do, and damned well.

That's alright.

on Oct 27, 2008

I agree with you.  I have a MySpace account, started way back in the wild and wooly days before it got too popular and I was driven away by gaudy, glittering pages and annoying music.

However, I've just recently begun using Facebook and I can already see why it's vastly superior to MySpace - I so enjoy staying in contact with past loves, old friends, and others who I just don't get to see nearly often enough.

on Oct 27, 2008

Facebook >> Myspace

If I have to go to one more page with sparkly flashing crap, 18,000 videos, stupid music, and millions of pictures in classic 'Myspace' head may explode.

Give me a Facebook any day.